Discover our inspirations

Being a reputable natural stone distributor, we are able to offer you custom-made natural stone that will meet your needs. Check out our industry-specific sections to find inspiration for your projects.

Masonry stones

Masonry stones are quarried in large blocks and serve as interior and exterior cladding by large panels, tiles and small slabs.

Masonry stone is renowned for its amazing qualities including its durability, it strengthens and gives superior protection against the weather. Decopierre has an extensive inventory of top quality stones.


The size of the stone for the sills is a meticulous job, be it custom-made, semi-circular or with a slope. The sill is installed in one piece without joint which eliminates the risk of water infiltration. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are the experts, do business with us!

Footers / Headers

The footer / header are architectural elements to support and offer a finish to the contours of windows and doors. They can be decorative with the use of different or homogeneous stones. We have the expertise to carry out all forms of sills.


We shape blocks of different sizes as well as stones for any type of work. The integration of curved elements softens the angles and gives a decorative look to the fittings of your home. Look no further, we are the reference for your projects.


The passion for the profession and the expertise are manifested through the realization of your projects. Transforming a new look is always valuable to your home. Columns are an integral part of your home’s architecture. Decopierre offers the widest range of models. Experts in the field, we will guide you in your projects.


We offer a large selection of moldings to put the finishing touches to any installation of your projects. We cut all types of moldings to add style and finish to the ends of the walls. The moldings form an aesthetic element for a unique charm and at the same time very luxurious.


Do you have a landscaping project? We have all the materials to make it happen. For a new layout, opt for an exterior to your image.

From the parking entrance to the backyard through the walkways, the steps, the low walls, the patio, the fireplace and the pool, we are with you in all your projects. Over the years, the company Decopierre has experienced strong growth and continues to improve to meet the demand of its customers.

Pavers / Slabs

Prepare for your next season with our premium quality products, opt for a paving stone or slab terrace, a swimming pool outline, a parking lot or a pedestrian walkway. The creation of your exterior landscaping projects must be carefully executed to achieve a prestigious and lasting look for your home.


The addition of low walls in the composition of your landscaping is used to create areas that will add structures to your land. We shape the stones that will offer unparalleled durability. We have an extensive inventory to suit all your projects, varying lengths and cut to size.

Stone benches

Personalize your custom bench with our trendy materials, a unique creation of Decopierre. Natural stone benches are an invitation to relax and rest. Whatever the style of the landscaping, the bench is one of the most popular items for the outdoors.


A blend of classic elegance with a contemporary twist will enhance the rich and unique character of your landscaping. Safe, solid, non-slip steps, inspired by design trends, Decopierre will know how to enhance the value of your home.

Swimming pool contours

You want to highlight your pool so that the outline is in harmony with the layout of your yard. We agree that it is important to choose a quality material. For a look with elegance and prestige, Decopierre is the reference with its vast inventory of products.


The borders can be arranged with multiple design possibilities such as curved borders, corner borders or straight edges. They allow to adapt to multiple configurations of your terraces and patios.

Decorative Stones

Your projects are our ideas! The Decopierre team has all the durable materials of superior quality to answer all your needs in decorative stones as much for the interior as the outside.

At Decopierre, all projects are personalized. We are the leaders in the choice of materials. They are imagined taking into account the style of architecture and the environment of your property.

Indoor Fireplace - Plan your needs

The ultimate goal of a fireplace is to warm the room. You can also buy a fireplace for the atmosphere. Decopierre will guide you to properly assess your needs to choose the type of fireplace best suited to your lifestyle and your home. An indoor fireplace brings its share of comfort. Why not make sure that the coat is beautifully decorated. The role of Decopierre is to make your home even more attractive.

Outdoor Fireplace - Living Outside

They decorate our evenings spent outdoors by providing us with a nice flame and a gentle warmth. And as the season progresses, the more they become useful. Installing a heat source on the terrace allows you to start the summer in May and finish it in October in comfort.

Outdoor Kitchen - Summer Kitchen

Why do not you set up an outdoor kitchen! From the preparation of the meal to the tasting, you will fully enjoy your guests and your terrace! Decopierre is renowned as the specialist of outdoor kitchens. For this important investment, do not hesitate to consult us, our advice will be precious and our ideas both practical and aesthetic.