Types of stones

Décopierre buys from renowned suppliers to always offer you a first quality product that will create allure and style to all your projects. Décopierre is an industry leader!

Which natural stone allows what type of finish? The team of Décopierre will guide you to obtain the most appropriate texture according to the type of your project. Whether polished, flamed, bush hammered or any other finish, Décopierre are the experts!


Indiana Limestone & Limestone Gray

Native American in Indiana, limestone brings strength and character to your project. We offer a variety of widths and lengths as well as raw stone finishes of the highest quality. Subtle color variations and small shades make this natural stone a unique and attractive option.



The St-Vincent limestone of European stone type has a technical sheet superior to some limestone reputed North American. This limestone is the first choice in the architectural specifications. Its application is versatile, ranging from landscaping projects to interior decoration, a project of the highest quality.



St-Marc limestone is a gray-brown limestone from St-Marc des Carrières. This limestone is used as masonry stone, covering commercial buildings, residential and landscaping. An excellent quality material, renowned for its durability.



Cambrian Black

Cambrian Black is a granite with a uniform hue and subtle patterns. This resistant stone offers the durability and charm of natural stone and provides a classic as well as contemporary look. It requires no dye or resin to protect the richness of its black color, which remains impeccable over time.



Stanstead gray granite

The gray granite Stanstead comes from the region of the Eastern Townships. It is composed of a uniform mixture of medium grains and different shades of gray. Its application is versatile. This granite is used for landscaping projects, pavers, steps and architectural blocks, and is a classic choice for countertops.


Caledonian Granite

Caledonia granite comes 100% from Quebec. It is defined as a stone of brown, pink and black granite type used for major projects of first quality. It is used mainly for decoration. It perfectly adorns the paths laid out on the grounds and highlights the entrances of the house, the outlines of gardens and swimming pools.


Gray Marble or White Marble

White or gray marble is a high quality luxurious crystalline limestone. It is polishable to obtain a smooth finish and provides a beautiful brightness to the surfaces. With good durability, it is used for floor coverings, countertops and much more. This marble is installed both outdoors and indoors.


Decopierre does not stop there! Other choices of stones are available upon request. Contact us for more information.